GTD135 - Chat with him - Rencontre Bouches-du-Rhône

Man, 32 years old
France (13)
GTD135 - Chat with him - Rencontre Bouches-du-Rhône


Sociable, très famille et avec de l'éducation, je recherche une femme avec un grand sens de l'humour.Homme de caractère, je sais ce que je veux et surtout ce que je ne veux plus. J'aime découvrir de nouvelles cultures, et de nouveaux paysages, avec un sac a dos toujours prêt.J'ai passé l'âge des rencontres éphémères. PS: je suis Sommelier/Barman,


Looking for a woman


Friendship - Dating Serious / Fun

Size & Weight

140 cm 40 kg

My interests


I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Aquarius symbolizes hope and dreams. Aquarius is a dexterous person but also platonist. Aquarius can be withdraw into themselves. But deep down, they are looking for dialogue with the others. Aquarius loves independence and freedom. Aquarius is selfless and loves to serve his entourage. This is someone different who enjoy to feel the happiness of the others.


Mozart, Stéphanie de Monaco, Jules Verne, Phil Collins, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Goat is tortured, hesitant and suspicious needing to be accompanied and support. The Goat is a feminine sign. She excels at finding strong compromises. She loves adventure showing a total resoluteness. So she lives perpetually under pressure. Tender, thoughtful, helpful and generous, she pities herself as soon as things do not suit her anymore in order to draw attention.


The natives of the Goat are soft and placid. They are graceful and creative people, dexterous by nature. Naturally gifted in the arts, many natives of the Goat are creators.


People born under the sign of the Goat can be whimsical, curious, superfluous and anxious.

My lucky numbers are

3, 4, 5, 12, 34, 45, 54,