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Woman, 39 years old
République dominicaine
Lafemmeforte - Chat with her


je suis mère célibataire,je suis Ici pour du sérieux s'il vous plaît les players passer vôtre chemin je ne suis pas Ici pour Fun ou quoique ce soit uniquement du sérieux et arrêtez avecl'histoire que je suis loin ça je le sais déjà messieurs


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Dating Serious

Size & Weight

162 cm 66 kg

My interests


I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


It is quite audacious but keeps cool. He is also someone altruistic. He can have very big projects and carry them out. Sagittarius is very straight, expansive and has the ability to adapt himself to all circumstances. He always likes originality and that makes him chooses the changes when it is possible. A Sagittarius can be faithful in the extreme, he does not hesitate to say what he has in mind even if it can be offensive.


Bourvil, Bruce Lee, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


Rat is pleasant and elegant, he captures the attention of the others armed with his elegance and his pleasant nature He is distant and reserved at first contact, but once having broken the ice, he shows good enthusiasm and becomes pleasant, ardent and passionate.


The natives of the Rat are charming and seducing. They are pleasant, determined and good advisors. They charm by their intelligence. Rats are resistant when they are worried about something.


Some native Rat can be stingy, suspicious and hungry for power. Concerns can make them unbearable.

My lucky numbers are

1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 14, 41, 45, 51, 54,