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Woman, 46 years old
France (14)
Rosenoire28 - Chat with her - Rencontre Calvados


je suis la pour discuter avec tout le monde ,alors par pitié je n'est certainement pas l'intention de passer pour une couguar donc , si tu ne prend pas le temps de lire mon profil même pas la peine de venir taper la discuter , car le jeunes très peut pour moi je veux discuter avec des personnes de mon age


Looking for a man



Size & Weight

140 cm 40 kg

My interests

Autos // Motos Family Home and Gardening Music Sports Dating Animals


I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Scorpio is brave and selfcontroled. However, Scorpio is very delicate, exclusive and full, and this increases his suspicious nature sometimes rough, up animosity. Scorpio turns out to be a being of exaggerated jealousy and sometimes antisocial. He is a very restless towards others. Scorpio is really suspicious. But he is also able to hide his brutality and be nice and cozy and also for himself very strict about etiquette .


Demi Moore, Sophie Marceau, Virginie Ledoyen, Julia Roberts, Picasso, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The serpent is often literate, fine, subtle with a class endearing, it is a wise one stroke. Particularly suspicious and incredulous, it is clever to assess the context. He is very talkative. In China, it is the emblem of discernment, insight and determination.


The Snake is a native of strong signs in Chinese astrology, in China it symbolizes a being full of discernment. Snakes have an innate class and are charming. They are placed but decided. Very perceptive they give the feeling of having a sixth sense as they so capable of delicacy.


Although having a lot of qualities, native of the Snake have also unfortunately weaknesses, they can become absurd, amorphous superficial and can not accept defeat.

My lucky numbers are

1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42, 46,