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Woman, 62 years old
France (91)
Unsouriredu91 - Chat with her - Rencontre Essonne


Bonjour, dials courtois et respectueux. Pour la sincérité je suis ronde. Dial avec une photo sinon pas de réponse, je répondrais juste 'bonjour' par politesse, pkoi se cacher même pour discuter ?, en dessous de 50 ans ne perdez pas votre temps ! lol


Looking for a man


Friendship - Dating Serious

Size & Weight

165 cm 40 kg

My interests

Reading Family Beauty / / Health / / Wellness Music Travel Going Out


I am relatively popular


Zodiac sign


Scorpio is brave and selfcontroled. However, Scorpio is very delicate, exclusive and full, and this increases his suspicious nature sometimes rough, up animosity. Scorpio turns out to be a being of exaggerated jealousy and sometimes antisocial. He is a very restless towards others. Scorpio is really suspicious. But he is also able to hide his brutality and be nice and cozy and also for himself very strict about etiquette .


Demi Moore, Sophie Marceau, Virginie Ledoyen, Julia Roberts, Picasso, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Ox is placed, organized and has a great mind power He may seem soft at first contact, but he works without failing to fulfil his mission. That's why, he often reaches his objectives at first. He is solid, sometimes sulky and radiates honesty.


The natives of the Ox are hardworking, steadfast and organized. They are pain resistant and have a great sense of devotion. The Ox is individual, noble, do not feel sorry and very sincere.


Some natives of the Ox can be soft, stubborn and despotic. This can lead some people to get away from them. Sometimes they are strong and even possessive and resentful. They also lack of the craziness that would improve their lives.

My lucky numbers are

1, 3, 5, 12, 15, 33, 35, 51, 53,