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Man, 56 years old
France (83)
Demaret - Chat with him - Rencontre Var


Je préfère savourer le calme et la beauté de la nature, visiter des lieux divers, découvrir de nouvelles choses, passer des moments agréables à deux, faire des câlins ... 😊 J'aimerais rencontrer une femme simple, gentille, naturelle et joyeuse pour passer de bons moments ensemble et apprendre à se connaître. Quelqu'un de sensible, plutôt introverti qu'extraverti et disponible, prêt à accepter tout l'amour et la tendresse que j'ai à lui offrir. De préférence pas trop loin, pour pouvoir se voir de manière régulière. On verra où ça nous mènera. 😏


Looking for a woman


Dating Serious

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184 cm 74 kg

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I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Zodiacal elements surrounding a birth mark necessarily the baby. Gemini arrived between May 21th and June 21th have a fragile profile. They are anxious, playful, with an expansive spirit, exalted, confused and productive at the same time. Complementarity that characterizes Gemini pushes them to pursue two tracks simultaneously, even if the goals are antithetical. Perpetually mobile and agile in imitation, Gemini easily accommodate themselves to their environment. They have a high IQ but they are also good with their hands. Gemini can not support rigid schedules. Very eloquent, Gemini knows how to argue their beliefs, they are good speakers. Gemini are very good businessmen with developed oral skills. Attracted by technical and technological devices, Gemini are clever.


Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Jean Dujardin et J.F. Kennedy Naomi Campbell, Marilyn Monroe, Marguerite Yourcenar, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Goat is tortured, hesitant and suspicious needing to be accompanied and support. The Goat is a feminine sign. She excels at finding strong compromises. She loves adventure showing a total resoluteness. So she lives perpetually under pressure. Tender, thoughtful, helpful and generous, she pities herself as soon as things do not suit her anymore in order to draw attention.


The natives of the Goat are soft and placid. They are graceful and creative people, dexterous by nature. Naturally gifted in the arts, many natives of the Goat are creators.


People born under the sign of the Goat can be whimsical, curious, superfluous and anxious.

My lucky numbers are

3, 4, 5, 12, 34, 45, 54,