Grumly77 - Chat with him - Rencontre Seine-et-Marne

Man, 34 years old
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Grumly77 - Chat with him - Rencontre Seine-et-Marne


Mec poser et respectueux, blond aux yeux, ici pour une rencontre coquine (je préfère être honnête) dans le respect et la bienveillance. L'objectif est de partager un (plusieurs ?) bon moment ensemble. N'hésite pas à me poser des questions, je n'ai rien à cacher. on peut se rencontrer pour faire connaissance sans se plaire et dans ce cas on en reste là, je force pas, mais c'est toujours plus rassurant et agréable de se voir en vrai plutôt qu'ici. J'apprécie la spontanéité donc on peut se rencontrer rapidement si t'es OK. Bonne journée à toi qui m'a lu jusqu'au bout. ;-)


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176 cm 82 kg

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I am pretty popular


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Last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represent the renewal but as the last in the loop it is as a sign of immortality, regeneration and spiritual reincarnation. The Pisces is becoming, altruistic and selfless. He is a delicate person, which expresses tolerance. Attentive to others he can even forget himself for others. Indulgent, his profile let him help others. He feels the need to comfort and often wants to save all the people He hates conflict. The Pisces can adapt himself to all situations and to everybody. He is pleasant and delicate. He often does not express his feelings. He is anxious and sometimes even arrogant. He is also defeatist and offen feel melancholic. He likes to monopolize the conversation. Pisce weak point : he is not self-confident. This sign is also led by intuition and dreams.


Albert Einstein, Ophélie Winter, Isabelle Huppert, Victor Hugo, Alain Prost, Juliette Binoche, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The horse is clever and sharp in his answers. He is a charming very attractive but unable to follow the right pass. Constantly moving, changing, very unexpected and independent, he expresses himself often and with a high conviction power.


The natives of the sign of the Horse are nice and cheerful. Loyalty is their strong point. They are talented, resourceful and hard workers. They are often physical and muscular. People born under this sign are tender.


The horse can be individualistic, rebel, cruel, cold. They are unable to negotiate.

My lucky numbers are

1, 3, 4, 8, 13, 14, 41, 43,